The HONEST broker

Town Centres are very often dynamic places and all retailers understand this - it is what gives retailers a buzz. What can be more difficult to deal with for small businesses is when large scale development is proposed.

SME Retailers very often find it challenging to effectively communicate with local authorities and developers; yet these organisations have the ability to alter and directly affect an SME retailer's business environment.

WELBECK retail has a great deal of experience in liaising between these groups — our people are time served retailers with experience in town centre management schemes, major civil engineering developments in town centres and in the marketing of areas.

WELBECK retail can act as brokers and intermediaries to ensure good communications and work to protect the best interests of the town centre and the SME retailers who have committed to it.

Effective communications

Problems that our team have been involved with include business disruption contingency planning for a large number of businesses where their town centre was to have been effectively 'closed' for a number of months because of civil engineering works.

The work done by WELBECK retail ensured that the businesses were able to thrive during this period when all retailers in the area had been concerned the work being done would end their businesses.

By acting as intermediaries in a complex three-way relationship, WELBECK retail were able to communicate effectively with the planning authority, the constructors and project managers and, of course, the retailers themselves.

Looking after your interests

Retailers and other businesses can often arrive at situations, not of their making, whereby other organisations who may not fully understand the needs or concerns of the SME retailer are in a position to potentially threaten otherwise viable businesses.

WELBECK retail's intermediary service is there to ensure that your business is not adversely affected by others.