Celebrating the DIFFERENCE between town centres

WELBECK retail carries out general or bespoke town centre surveys; these are useful to local authorities in preparing town centre marketing plans or in making decisions that will affect the town centre. These surveys are of most use to retailers who are considering moving to a particular town, as a new or as an existing and expanding business.

The surveys include a census of shop types currently trading, highlighting those types who are over or under represented; demographic information is provided on the local population and its hinterland; the towns' attributes and marketing activity is reviewed; the services provided by either the local authorities or any other body which are potentially available to the public are reviewed; transport - rail, bus, ferries, taxi services; car parking accessibility and charges; all this is included with a general report on the impact of the town in the eyes of our trained retail assessors.

Surveys can be commissioned on a particular town centre; or as comparisons with other town centres based on criteria defined by the client.

Identifying ideals and spotting problems

The information gathered for both our bespoke and general surveys is essential for retailers moving to new locations and for local authorities who wish that their town centres will be simply the best!

Bespoke surveys can be aimed at any range of specified criteria and can include a narrow or a wide geographical focus. A whole town centre, or a street; including competitor towns and out of town destinations, or not. WELBECK retail will design the survey to obtain information entirely based on your specific needs.

Cost control guarantees

The very nature of bespoke work is that every case is new and different - our guarantee to clients is that we will agree costs before commencement with no hidden charges being added upon completion.