Being in the right PLACE

Retailing, it has often been said, is all about 'location, location, location'. The success of your business may well depend on those three vital factors - is the area full of people who might become your customers? Is the local area already 'overstocked' with similar businesses? Are the local transport and car parking facilities likely to be supportive of your venture, or will you be cut off from the rest of the civilized world?

WELBECK retail has a great deal of experience in researching the right locations for businesses to ensure that they have the best possible start. Working with the business's principals WELBECK retail establishes the clear criteria that will make the business succeed and what might be a threat; from this set of criteria WELBECK retail will carry out town centre surveys or centre comparisons, as agreed with the client.

At the right time

You know when the time is right for you to either start a new business venture, to expand your current one, possibly even relocate entirely. You also know that your time is precious. Can you really afford to take time away from your business to research the best location for it?

You tell us where you'd like to be and we'll find out if it's right for you. Not sure where you'd like to be? Then let us give you some viable options to take to your commercial agent.

For the right price

We recognise that cost is a major factor for smaller businesses with very tight margins - we are cost effective in all that we do - and we never give a small business a nasty shock.

As with all our work we will be clear before the job starts on it's price, leaving you free to make a decision on whether you do the research yourself, go on gut instinct, contact the property agents, or engage WELBECK retail as your most cost effective solution.

One thing is clear — even the big boys know that you can't afford to get it wrong when it comes to location.