INTERIM management

WELBECK retail can provide interim management personnel and have experience in providing cover for a range of businesses in retailing, wholesaling, training and development, membership organisations and trade associations. Interim management can be the ideal solution for businesses of any size in a number of different circumstances.


Short to medium term loss of a key manager

An interim manager will have experience and skills to bring to the task of stepping in to someone else's role. They will be equipped with the tact and understanding to ensure that the role is managed to meet the needs of the business. They are used to quickly learning new processes and ensuring continuity.

Change management

An interim manager can be of enormous advantage in businesses of any size that are embarking on significant change. People become unsettled, processes and systems are often untried and things need tying together efficiently to make the whole business work as the planners had envisaged.

Interim managers bring the skills and experience to ensure smooth transitions and they are able to identify potential problems - maybe even solutions, if that is required!

Change management is, very often these days, regarded as something to do with IT; WELBECK retail know that it is often people and non-IT processes that can fail most readily in periods of significant change. WELBECK retail interims know how soft skills need to be brought to bear in these circumstances

Crisis management

Businesses can sometimes meet with crises. Crises by their very definition are unexpected; the problem is that they are also very inconvenient. An experienced interim manager can often provide the extra support needed, bringing in expertise that is not available in-house, and they provide a spare pair of hands that does not distract from normal activities - something which could otherwise turn the crisis into a catastrophe.

WELBECK retail does not offer specialist financial support nor ICT support