SPECIALists in the unexpected

The strength of most businesses lies with the knowledge that the leaders of that business have. Generally, the larger the business the more knowledge is available on tap.

For entrepreneurs who have set out to develop their particular vision there may come a time when something happens which could not be foreseen and the solution for which is not available within the business — that is the time to speak with someone who has that missing piece of knowledge. At WELBECK retail we pride ourselves on having developed a wide knowledge bank to fill the gaps.

The portfolio of clients that we have been able to bring our wider thinking skills to include small businesses and a few somewhat larger!

Examples of the type of work WELBECK retail have become involved in include: negotiating better terms between SME retailers and their landlords; carrying out large-scale local research in preparation for negotiations with authorities, where retailers have had excessive rates valuations; location finding and related change planning for retailers with expansion in mind.

Knowing where to turn

Whether your problem concerns your trading environment, expansion, location, or perhaps to do with better equipping staff and managers for the tasks that you want them to perform, WELBECK retail is very likely to have the expertise and practical experience to bring about pragmatic cost-effective solutions. Whatever it takes to make your business a profitable business; WELBECK retail is on-call for you!

A critical but non-judgemental eye

Most of the time businesses tick along quite nicely with everything running smoothly just the way you intended it to. It should really, it's your business and your area of expertise, you're on solid ground and know what you're doing.

But have you ever wondered if the business is operating in the best way it could? If there might be a way to operate more efficiently, effectively and more profitably? If others see your business the way you do?

For a fixed fee WELBECK retail will visit your business and examine your processes, systems and procedures, carry out mystery shopping, analyse your retail productivity and produce a report with any recommendations they might have for your individual business.

And that's what is important here - it's your business and any suggested improvements must suit your vision and the way you operate. We will never suggest you turn into part of the “clone” High Street, but we will, where it will benefit you and your business, advise you on changes you might like to make that will make things better for you, your business and your customers.